Services Offered

Bristol Engineered Metals is a full-service contractor to the commercial, industrial and institutional industries.  We are routinely asked to consult on projects still in development at the architectural and/or owner level.  We pride ourselves being able to help establish a budget and be involved as the project develops to ensure proper product usage all the while maintaining the established budget.  Bristol is proud to have established relationships with many high-end architectural firms throughout the southeast that rely on our expertise as they develop a project for an owner.

Bristol’s capabilities include:

  • Specification writing/editing
  • Budgeting
  • Product selection
  • Architectural detail guidance
  • Sales service and engineering
  • Installation experience and capabilities

We believe the process of a project’s development is as important as the final installation.  Having Bristol on your project team during the developmental stages will streamline the overall building experience – desired products, in budget, with real-world, buildable details as a part of the architectural documents all lead to a common ground and no surprises at bid time.  We hope you will contact us on your next project that could use our expertise.