Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and Associated Products

Bristol specializes in the following types of Aluminum Composite systems and associated products:

  1. ACM Panels – Dry Seal
  2. ACM Panels – West Seal (Caulked Joints)
  3. Rainscreen Facades
  4. Aluminum Plate Panels
  5. THERMAX Wall Systems w/ Knightwall Support Framing
  6. Insulation Systems

Aluminum Composite Panels, aluminum plate and formed heavy gauge aluminum sheet metal panels provide incredible flexibility to designers in creating nearly any desired architectural feature and overall look.  ACM wall panels are available in many standard colors from the manufacturer and aluminum plate and sheet metal panels are post coated and can be provided in nearly any color imagined. These products are ideal for use in rain screen designs.

Bristol has the capability to acquire, fabricate and install whatever aluminum component panel is desired. We do our own field measuring, along with the manufacturer, to ensure timely and quality installations.  Bristol also is an expert in the ability to field fabricate ACM panels when conditions arise. Our field fabricated panels cannot be differentiated from factory fabricated panels when installed.